About Us

A Office Furniture Supplier That You Can Trust In Malaysia

Established in 2001, LEN ZON Marketing SDN BHD is a Malaysia-based office system specialist with over two decades of expertise. We excel in office design, offering a comprehensive range of office furnishings and accessories, with a particular emphasis on panel systems. These panels not only define workspaces but also serve as the structural backbone for components, neatly housing electrical and data wiring. This integration is key to both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of office environments. Our commitment to convenience is evident in our products, with panels and other components, including work surfaces and raceways, delivered preassembled for seamless integration.

Mission & Vision

Focus in the Core Business Venture

We have always believed in our core business focus which is to satisfy the consumer’s requirement for high-quality office furniture. This belief enables all efforts to be channeled to provide better products and services as shown in our business activities in office furniture and seating. We understand the idea of “the more you thought you know, the less you know”, therefore in LEN ZON, we are continuously learning. Learning about changing consumer needs and learning to incorporate new technology into our business to make it relevant for today’s market.

Our Culture

Entrepreneurship in Business Handling

We believe the company is run not only by the owner but more by the people. The company, then, will progress in a perfectly synchronized manner between various functional departments. Each unit is to understand about value-added to products and services and cost-efficiency for improved competitiveness.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach guides our efforts in design, pricing, marketing, space planning, project management, and financing. Adapting to market evolution and the increasing demand for professional execution, we’ve expanded our focus to project and contract sales.

Innovation at Our Core

Innovation isn’t just a practice, it’s our core philosophy. We proactively anticipate future trends and challenges, allowing us to thrive in the dynamic global market. This forward-thinking approach has enabled us to expand our reach across continents, establishing a strong presence in diverse markets such as Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Mauritius, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Chile, and Mexico.

Our Awards

LEN ZON has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, highlighting our dedication to excellence in the office furniture industry. Our innovative designs and exceptional customer service have earned us recognition from top industry bodies. These accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to quality and our ongoing efforts to learn and adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. We believe in continuous improvement, and these awards are a testament to our drive to provide the best in office furniture and seating solutions.

Furniture Specification Services

Tailoring office furniture solutions to meet specific business needs and space requirements.

Furniture Procurement Services

Offering expert guidance and sourcing in the selection and acquisition of high-quality office furniture.

Delivery & Installation Services

Ensuring seamless, hassle-free delivery and professional setup of your office furniture.

Government Contracts

Specializing in providing comprehensive furniture solutions for government projects with precision and reliability.

Crafting Exceptional Workspaces

Working with a vast variety of exquisite wood, from exotic to native hardwoods, is an incredible privilege for us. Working with these materials is one of the basic pleasures of creating exquisite wooden furniture. Every type of wood has its personality. Each board is unique. Some species cut through the hard cheese, which resembles a chisel. Some possess all the toughness and durability of mild steel, but they lack the icy feeling to the touch. At Rowden Atelier, we enjoy working with materials such as cherrywood, pearwood, elm, ripple sycamore, and olive ash. We are keeping this inventory of excellent wood for our clients’ projects. All we require is some visionary and imaginative client encouragement.

Celebrating our collaborations with exceptional clients, we’ve created personalized workspaces that resonate with your needs. At LEN ZON, your desk is more than just furniture; it’s the epicenter of your professional world, housing crucial documents and facilitating productivity. Our diverse range of desks, from sleek computer stations to executive models, balances durability, style, and functionality.

Embracing modern technology and innovative finishes, we’ve mastered the mass production of versatile office furniture. Our visit to Entrawood, South Africa’s leading office furniture manufacturer, exemplified this commitment. The integration of a melamine pressing plant has been a transformative step for us, enhancing independence, quality control, and design flexibility, allowing us to swiftly respond to evolving market trends.

International Event Showcase

Highlighting Our Journey Across Global Exhibitions